Education Programs and Services:Foster knowledge-inspired development and applied learning skills to promote positive attitudes towards education.

1.  Homework Club

a.  A key component of programming at all eight Boys and Girls Club Ottawa locations. Each Homework Club session   includes a healthy snack and quiet, focused homework time.

Leadership and Social Skills:  Foster character building and confidence through participation in leadership and skill development activities that promote both self-actualization and civic responsibility.

1.  Leaders-4-Life

a.  Is about building character and developing leaders. There are 4 components: (1) Individual – personal choices, self-confidence, goals; (2) Family – supporting roles with parents and siblings; (3) School – planning, effort, achievement; and (4) Community – involvement, contributing, volunteerism.

2.  Youth Council

a.  Youth leadership programs are about building character, good citizenship and developing the social, emotional and vocational abilities of youth.

b.  Youth council members serve as ambassadors and role models for the other children and youth throughout the organization and positively influence decision-making on issues related to youth, through active involvement on boards and committees.

3.  Torch Club (Age 10-13)

a.  Torch Club members plan their own programming based on the issues important to them. Torch Club helps kids develop leadership skills and self-esteem in a respectful, diversified environment. The program also offers the opportunity to give back to others and gain a sense of responsibility that comes with making their own decisions.

b.  Torch Clubs provide a small group experience, with the support and guidance of a caring adult mentor. This program serves as a launching pad for pre-teens before joining Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada’s Keystone program.

4.  Keystone Club

a.  Keystone Club is Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada’s national leadership development program for youth 14 to 18 year olds
Keystone Clubs provide youth with the knowledge and skills to make positive choices in their lives as well as a place to use their creative skills to make a difference in their Clubs and communities. 

b.  Throughout the course of the year, Keystone Clubs will complete at least one activity in each of the 5 core areas: Leadership, Teamwork, Healthy Choices, Service to Club and Community and Learning for Life.

 Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle:  Foster Self-development through constructive group and individual physical activity that promote a positive attitude towards physical well being.

1.  Swimming Lessons

a.  Offer swimming lessons for all ages and have women and girls only sessions as well.

2.  Walk This Way

a.  This program takes Members on treks through the city, the country and surrounding points of interest. From walks through the Gatineau Park, Hog's Back Park and downtown, Members get to keep fit and play tourists in their own city.
Creative Arts:  Foster creative expression and identify development through active participation in the arts to promote positive self-attitude.

1.  Arts and crafts

a.  Painting
b.  Sewing
c.  Jewelry making
d.  Crocheting
e.  Photography
f.  Media club
g.  Dance

2. Scott Bradford Music Studio

a.  Members can write, record ad produce their own albums.

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